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Jeff Nelson

Master Bird Taxidermist

Hello, my name is Jeff Nelson. I own and operate a part-time bird taxidermy business called “Wings in Flight Bird Taxidermy.” I’ve always had a passion and curiosity for all types of birds since the age of 6, with a vision of getting into bird taxidermy someday. God has graciously given me the opportunity, the talent, and the patience it takes to preserve birds and people’s memory of their hunt.

I dived into bird taxidermy around 15 years ago and I take pride in being self-taught. I have acquired many elite state taxidermy awards — Four “Best of Shows” in seven years of competition, many Best of Categories, and 1st place ribbons in the Professional and Master Bird Taxidermist divisions. I have also been honored to receive the prestigious Wasco Award for “Most Artistic Entry” (2004) and the McKensie Taxidermy “Peoples Choice Award” (2008). In 2008, at our annual State Taxidermy Show, I won my fourth “Best of Show” with a Western Hutchinson Goose featured here on this page. This is a very challenging, beautiful, and rewarding piece.

I have a slogan on my business card that says, “If you take your waterfowl hunting seriously, you should take your bird taxidermy seriously too.” I truly and honestly believe this statement! I want to give you the best bird taxidermy that your hard earned dollar can purchase. I am very detailed oriented, I produce the best bird taxidermy I can, and my goal is to make the customer’s memories come to life.

I feel in my heart that I owe the utmost respect to the waterfowl and upland game birds that are brought to me for taxidermy. I mount them as correctly, precisely, and realistically as possible. You owe it to yourself to have the best bird taxidermy attainable, and I can give you that.